Helps you keep track of conversations and requests
Once you have your schedule up and running. A lot can be happening around your business. Someone might ask a day off, others are swapping shifts and sometimes there is just a conversation about a specific shift. We've created Inbox to make sure you are always up to date with everything that goes on in Soon.

Getting to your inbox

You can find Inbox in the bottom left corner of My schedule, any Board you can access and the Leave page.
Inbox on My Schedule
The panel opens and shows you an overview of your own schedule, and if you have admin access to any board(s) you will also see them listed.
Inbox categories
There are 3 categories:
  • Action required These are most important as your team is waiting for you to make a decision. Make sure you attend to this list.
  • Unread comments This category helps you keep an eye on conversations you're involved in without having to manually navigate through different weeks and boards.
  • Awaiting response No action from your end is needed. This is an quick overview of requests you've created and are still waiting for someone else to respond.
The 'legendary' inbox zero
To keep your overview tight, you may also fold any board by clicking on the name of the board. Soon will automatically save your preferences.
If you happen to be uninterested in a particular board you can easily mute it by clicking on the bell icon next to the name of the board. By muting a board any Actions Required or Unread Comments of that board will not be counted towards the total, nor will a notification icon be shown when the board is folded.
This is perfect for when you are part of a board to occasionally access it, but have no responsibilities on that board.
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