Default locations
Adding locations to events for better navigation and collaboration.
When you schedule across multiple venues it is very useful to add a location to your events. This helps your team know WHERE they are expected to be.
You can always enter locations on the event while you create them, but if you have a few locations that are always relevant, it makes sense to add them as your default locations.
To do this, go to Settings > Locations.
The first time you will see this screen. Hit the Add a location button to get started.
Just type the address of your location. You can be as broad or specific as you want.
Add your location from the results.
Now this location is saved as one of your locations.
If you want to add more locations, just click the Add a location button again and repeat the same steps.
When you're happy with your list, hit Save and close in the top right corner to go back to the board.
Now when you create a new event, your predefined locations will show first when you enter the Where part of the event. You can always still enter any other location if you like.
Published events now have your location added to them.
In the event details, your team will see a minimap with the location. Clicking on it will open Google Maps, where you can get directions to help you get there 😊

Updating & Deleting locations

You can update a location by clicking the pen icon. To delete a location simply hit the cross icon.
Note: updating or deleting a location from your list will not affect any of your scheduled events.
Simply enter a text that is descriptive enough for your team to know where to be at. You can add as many sublocations as you want.
Now when adding the location, you can see the sublocations in the list. Select it to add it directly at event creation.
Your events are now even more detailed! Helping your team to always be at the right place at the right time 🎯

Update or delete sublocation in the list

To change or remove sublocation in the list, just hover over them and you will see edit and remove.

Update or delete sublocation on events

In the event details you can always change or remove the sublocation as you see fit.
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