How to use Week Templates
Schedule faster with week templates
Event templates let you create recurring events in a second to save you time. Similarly, Week Templates enables you to make a schedule for one week, save it as a template, and apply these on any other week.

First you create your schedule as you always do (or you take one that you already made before). The status of the events doesn't matter.
Then click on More in the top right corner and select Create Week Template.
Give it a good name to identify this template and hit create.
Now move to a new week, select More and Apply Week Template.
This will deploy your template on this week.
Now all that's left to do is hit Publish in the bottom left corner.

There are two strategic ways to approach template creation:
  • #1 with specific people assigned to each event
  • #2 without people assigned, having only created event titles, time and roles
If you regularly schedule the same people for their respective shifts because that makes the most sense for your business (think customer relationships, time segment ownership etc.), then #1 will work best.
#2 gives you the structure, and leaves the flexibility to assign everyone on different times each week.
Pro Tip: You can apply multiple templates per week
Applying a week template does not affect any events already present on the board. You can have created a few events already or use another week template before.
Create several smaller week templates and stack them on top of each other to create different permutations each week, which adapt to the needs of your business e.g. "Regular weekdays" template + "Conference weekend".
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