User hours overview
A list of users displaying their real-time scheduled and remaining hours.
Understanding how your team is scheduled is crucial to make important decisions. The hours overview gives you everything you need to know.
It's an easy and real-time overview of scheduled, remaining, and contract hours per person per week on the schedule board. Admins can use various slash commands to set custom hour conditions in order to filter out the people they want to see.

Getting started

Click the Hours icon in the bottom left while you’re on a schedule board. Alternatively, press Ctrl + Alt + h to open it using the hotkeys. The overview will open on the right side of the board.

Analyse your team members hours

There are three types of insights to gain from the list - Scheduled, Remaining and Contract. You can select which you want in the top left of the modal.


The hours users have been put on the schedule for that week. This includes both unpublished and published events. The scheduled hours are based on the user's updated actual/expected hours (if set). The potential break time is excluded for this value so it becomes a sum of clean contract hours.


The hours each user should be scheduled for per week. This can be set or changed in the User profile. You can open a user's profile by either going to the Users page from the main navigation panel and opening the Team tab or through the Board Settings and opening the Users tab.


The contract hours minus the scheduled hours. Thus the remaining hours the users still need to be scheduled for. Remaining hours become negative when the contract hours are either set to 0 or the set contract value is exceeded. This way the user list is accurately sorted when multiple user's contract hours have been exceeded.
The results shown are aggregated across all boards. They include both unpublished and published events. The hours shown are for the week you are currently viewing.

Filter with / Slash Commands

A powerful way to see the users you’re interested in is to filter them with the Slash Commands. If for instance you want to see who still needs to be scheduled more to reach the hours in their contract. You set the list to Remaining and choose the command /show > 0.
Click on the / icon to view all the options. Next you can click on the command that you want to use, this will put the command in the search field and you only need to specify the number.
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