Leave management for Admins
Setting up categories and handling leave requests
Leave lets you keep track of all kinds of absence in your company, which in turn helps you spend less time on administration and prevent potential scheduling conflicts.
Manage your team’s vacation requests, keep track of sick days or allow your team to submit a leave request for a custom category. Leave lets you do all that, and more. To get started you go to Leave in the menu.

Leave categories

To organise different forms of leave you can create your own custom leave categories. You can do that under Categories on the leave page.
Making custom categories helps you understand and keep track of the reasons why a team member is on leave.
A category consists of:
  • A name
  • An icon
  • A description (optional)
You can always update categories by changing the category name, icon and/or description. If your team doesn't need the category anymore you can simply disable it. People won't be able to select the leave category after it has been disabled. Once a category is disabled, you can either enable it again or delete the category permanently.

Leave requests

Managing leave is mainly done from the Requests section. All new requests and unread conversations are filtered under the Unread section. Requests that still are awaiting approval from the leave manager(s) can be found under the Pending section. Under the All requests section all leave requests within the selected period are shown regardless of their status. Clicking a leave request will open the details.
Make sure you look at the leave requests frequently and respond to requests in a timely manner to keep your team happy and your business running smoothly.

Requests awaiting approval

Leave managers can review the leave details and then decide whether to approve or reject the leave request. Leave managers are always able to edit the leave request for requests that are awaiting approval if needed. Users are notified with an in-app notification and email when the request is approved, rejected and/or updated.

Creating leave requests

As a leave manager you can create leave for everyone on your team. For example, when someone calls in sick you want to log this in Soon. To do so you click the + New Leave button in the top right corner on the Leave page.
Next, you select the person for whom you are creating the leave.
Then you select the Category (optional) to indicate the type of leave you want to apply.
After that you set the duration of the leave. There are 2 options:
  1. 1.
    Part of day - deselect the all day checkbox to specify the start & end time.
  2. 2.
    One or multiple days - keep the all day checkbox checked and specify the day or period to apply.
Finally you can add a message to log why this leave was created in the first place. This will be added to the conversation with the person for whom you created this leave.

Updating leave requests

Leave managers are always able to edit existing leave requests with the status Pending, Rejected and Cancelled. Leave requests with the Approved and Cancel requested status are only editable when they are cancelled by the leave manager.
Sometimes you will want to know who edited a request or when a leave request was approved for example. You can always view a full audit log for each update in the Conversation section of the request. Here you will see a full history of the leave request.

Leave on boards

Each board shows the people who are on leave that day. All day lanes will show a special Leave card as the first card in the column if there are people on leave or with a pending and cancel requested leave request for that day.
Clicking the Leave card opens up a quick overview of all leave requests for that particular day of the users on that specific board.
You can take action right then and there on the board on all requests by selecting them.

Leave settings

On the Settings page you can decide who should manage the leave requests within the team, whether members are allowed to see leave requests of other people on shared boards and if non-leave managers are able to request leave or not.
That's all! 🎉
You can always reach out to us if you have any questions or feedback. Happy scheduling!
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