TNW - Welcome to Soon

The quick start guide to use Soon at TNW Conference 2019

Hey there, If you're reading this it means you're part of the crew at TNW Conference 2019, pretty awesome! Here are the (few) steps you need to take in Soon to know what you'll be doing, when and where you're supposed to be at the conference.

Step 1. Registration

You got an invitation in your email, follow the instruction.

  • Create your account and verify your email adres.

  • Upload a profile picture - makes it easier for others to spot you in real life


Step 2. View the schedule

Go to If you're a Team Lead, you're already assigned, so you can just see when and where you're expected. If you're a Volunteer, on MySchedule you will see all positions that are available to you to choose from. Go ahead and pick your favourite thing to do.

You only have to select 1 ! If you want to work more days, that's completely fine, however do know that you are expected to really be there and everyone will be counting on you. So please keep that in mind

Step 3. Keep an eye out on your schedule.

If anything changes. For instance it could be that you are needed elsewhere, if that is the case you'll see this in your schedule.

Good to know

Have fun at the conference!!